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Image by Rene Böhmer

LED Light Therapy

woman in towel

LED Photo Therapy

$30 Initial Consultation Fee

20 Minutes per Area 


1 area $25

2 areas $40

3 areas $55

4 areas $75

5 and more the price is customized. Areas needed to obtain the clients goals of treatment determined with initial consult with medical provider

40 Minutes for $60

Full body infrared with heat wrap to detox system as well as decrease general information and arthritis/joint pain treatment time is 40 min

Acne LED Facial with Blue Light

$30 Initial Consultation Fee

60 Minutes for $110

Includes full facial light treatment for 20 min followed by any targeted LED light laser for any identified large or painful lesions. Followed by a  acne facial and topical antibiotic application post treatment. 


*Individual treatments can also be customized by our medical providers at initial consultation. 

Image by Art Hauntington

Coming Soon

Walk in infrared sauna room with color and sound therapy for relaxation and detoxification 

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