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Teeth Whitening

Image by Bianca Ackermann

Whitening Treatment 

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to transform your smile. We use some of the most advanced techniques to whitening your teeth, without the residual sensitivity. We also have professional toothpaste for purchase post treatment to help extend your immediate results.

LED curing used to enhance bleaching effect 



Prescription strength bleaching product used




**** Immediate results seen, only one treatment needed for most clients****

Treatment Process Time & Optional Add Ons 

Pre-Bleaching prep time is 15 minutes. The bleaching process with LED lighting time is 30 minutes Post-Bleaching remineralization gel application time is 15 minutes

Professional Whitening Toothpaste


Helps to improve the longevity of whitening results.

Post Treatment Remineralization Gel


Helps to decrease post treatment sensitivity and strengthen of the teeth

Smile Check
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